This historical town is picturesquely surrounded by walking paths through the rich pine forests. Many bays and sandy beaches around it make Cavtat one of the most attractive towns on the South Dalmatian Coast. 
Cavtat’s antique name was Epidaurus and its history is fascinatingly rich, yet from t
he Greek times. The first settlers – the refugees running away from the Avars and Slavs – settled down a few kilometers up north. Dubrovnik was born from Lausa – Lava and Ragusa. It is not only history that attracts tourists to this area but also its mild climate with lush vegetation and benevolent influence to human respiratory organs.
The town of Cavtat offers excellent restaurants with moderate prices, promenades with coffee shops, boat trips to Dubrovnik and organised tours to Montenegro.The main tourist attraction is summer carnival in the end of July, the event which gathers and engages the entire population of Cavtat. 
The airport lies only a few kms from Cavtat and connects it with the rest of the world. Konavle area in the background supplies the town with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as with delicious vines.



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